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 We regularly purchase Banksy Prints for our stock so if you are considering selling Banksy print or originals contact the Gallery with your details. 


Since opening the online store, New Art Online has become one of the most established, contemporary and street art spaces in the online world.


We have stocked signed and unsigned original BANKSY screen prints and have built an international reputation for acquiring Banksy prints.

Over the years our experience and passion for this medium has grown and, as a result of the interest shown in modern prints by an increasing number of art enthusiasts and through meeting several artists working in print who asked us to promote them, we finally decided to move into the urban market.

Since then we have continuously represented a number of recent graduates and emerging artists as well as offering work by major British and international artists like, Joan Miro, Marc Chagall, Fernand Leger, Murakami, Peter Blake, Patrick Caulfield, Banksy, Nick Walker, Dface, Bast, Adam Neate, Anthony Micallef, Dolk, etc.

We are proud of our business, our enthusiasm and experience and we are always ready to welcome and advise any inquiries from the first time buyers as well as seasoned collectors.


We are always on the look out for talented artists to join us, to offer our clients the latest modern, contemporary and urban designs.


Frequently we’re asked about the type of artwork we promote, we aren’t restricted by any particular art styles. We focus on what art enthusiasts love – art that’s uplifting, inspiring, urban/modern and a bit different from the rest.


If you feel that your artwork is suitable, we’re very happy to hear from you.


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