Art Rental

Based in London,

New art online is the UK’s leading art rental supplier of framed artworks to the corporate and collector market.

We offer rental packages suitable for residential properties, private parties, hotels, show flats, offices, etc

We offer a large portfolio of rented artworks in the UK guaranteeing that you will find the perfect art piece for your show flat, living room or reception area.

All the rented artworks we supply are fully framed and specifically designed for high end corporate and residential interiors.

Renting art for your private party solves the problem of choice as it can be regularly changed. We recently supplied artwork to a well known property company Manhattan loft developers for their new show flat at Chelsea.

We have also done work for well known private parties as well as numerous other retailers and private houses.



What kind of artworks do we rent?

You can rent any print or original from our Gallery from 1 week to 3 months.

When can I expect my Art to be delivered?

We offer the fastest service for this exclusive product. On average an order can be completed and delivered within 7-15 working days.

This also includes exhibition work but it is always safe to order well in advance.



How much does it cost?

A lot less than you think!

The price of rentals depends upon the retail value of the artwork and the duration of the rental period.

There are no joining fees.

Rentals need to be paid for in full in advance.

The rental fee does not cover the insurance and delivery or collection of the work(s) of art;

These expenses are borne by the client.

We offer advice and support if you are unsure of the art need.

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Coco architects

Is a young group of architects based in London and Barcelona, we’re are the mainly art suppliers for this company.

Manhattan loft

Is one of the Britain’s most innovative property company.


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