Cranio Fabio Oliveira, better known to most of us as Cranio, a graffiti/street artist from São Paulo, Brazil. We have been big fans of the artists signature blue indigenous people for a number of years now, but like most of you I’m sure we have only every seen his work online so it was really cool to finally experience his work up close and in person with the added bonus that it is in London! Cranio is my childhood nickname at the time I was in school. I was the smartest kid in the classroom so they started to call me Cranio. Cranio means skull in Portuguese and in Brazil that’s what they call someone with a big brain! I started drawing when I was two! In 1998, 14 years ago, I started doing graffiti in Sao Paulo, influenced by graffiti from other artists that I saw around the city. I started writing my name Cranio using graffiti letters (I still do that), but I also made drawings of characters that could give a bit of humor to the walls. I’ve never studied art formally – I learned everything by myself. I guess art it’s inside my blood.

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