DAMIEN HIRST In August of 1995, another New York gallery banned Damien`s Two Fucking, Two Watching, which involves a dead cow and bull copulating by means of a hydraulic device. The piece was not preserved in formaldehyde, but rather was left to rot away. New York health officials were concerned that it might “explode” (if it were sealed shut, the methane gasses would build up and shatter the glass), or “prompt vomiting among the visitors” (if it were not sealed shut, as the door from the rotting carcasses would be “overwhelming”). So Damien brought in a new piece, which was preserved and would have none of these problems. “The new cow piece replaces the one I really wanted to do, the dead cows fucking, without formaldehyde. We called up the environmental department and told them what we`d have: rotting animals, but with filters to clean the air. They said `if you do that we`ll shut you down`”. Damien`s work has been exhibited widely, in Britain, Korea, the USA, Australia, and countries all over Europe. We are pleased to offer a number of Damien Hirst limited edition signed prints for sale…
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