Eelus Eelus`s visual language draws on instantly recognisable cultural icons: his Tiffany For Breakfast image saw Audrey Hepburn being savaged by a cat, and he has also used images from the Star Wars films. Eelus is a master of the modern, graffiti-led art world. He combines his background in design and illustration with images of sci-fi, B-movies, housing estates, girls and the bizarre. From within this world, Eelus loves to paint, draw, photograph, write, film, watch, read, listen and most importantly, learn. Eelus’ dream is to continue making a living from doing all these things he loves and being creative in any way he can. Before he knew it he was making a mess on walls as well as knocking out pieces on canvas to A: sell for beer money or B: give away to escape a good kicking due to the longness of his trousers After moving to London from his home town of Wigan he was inspired by the graffiti art he saw on the streets to take the work in his sketchbooks and display it to a wider audience. In 2006 he gave up his day job and is now working full time as a graphic artist.

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