Eine Ben

Eine Ben Ben Eine, the street artist famous for painting letters of the alphabet on shops in Shoreditch, told me that he had never been able to persuade more than three shopkeepers in a row to let him do his paintings on their shutters. This grand endeavour, painting “a” to “z” sequentially on shutters along the entire length of the street, is a community initiative in which the traders of Petticoat Lane have come together to welcome an artist,. Even though the architectural language may in discord, Ben’s happy paintings humanise the environment, His Shoreditch alphabet has become inextricable from the identity of its location, and the popularity of these works have led Ben to paint them in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Osaka, Tokyo and Budapest. Ben admitted to me that he has now painted more than two hundred letters of the alphabet on shutters, and waved his dirty finger in the air playfully, proudly displaying the thickened skin upon the tip of his forefinger, where he presses the nozzle on the can, formed as his hand accustomed to spray painting over the years.

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