Virginia Moreno

Virginia Moreno Virginia Moreno As an artist I do figuration link to fantasy. Stressing both the physical reality of my creatures and its psychological. I operate using multiple techniques: collage, graphics, water-colour, ink, colored pencils, sprays, waxes, engraving, thus, oil on canvas still more visibly technique highlighted in the final result, where other techniques can end being hidden, latent in the canvas. Those figurative paintings featured areas of bright colour and often resembled collages with energetic drawings. I begin with a deep investigation from my ever-developing collection of images and photos taken from various source, then I proceed to study these. The selection of images, agree to aesthetic reasons, and plastic intensions. These pictures will be out of context, in an invention platform, for later them became part of my creative code. As well I often take inspiration from children drawings. Then by manipulation or reinterpretation in sketches, (as a small preparatory before executing), these early images will be recreate in my imagination and mix on the canvases with different personages. Giving way an unreal and fantastic universe, the canvas is a space where trough visual elements another reality may be possibl