Care of Artwork

General Care

General care of prints involves a number of issues. Bright daylight and even bright artificial light can cause colours to fade and papers to discolour and become brittle. Too much light is harmful even when ultra-violet rays are filtered out; so make sure your print is exposed to moderate light for limited hours at a time. Think, too, of rotating your prints from time to time to give them a rest. Strong light has serious effects on prints with ultraviolet light causing colours to fade and change. Do not place prints on walls that receive direct outside light for any length of time. Using UF3 Plexiglas instead of normal glass will reduce light damage.

Humidity can also affect prints. If the humidity is too high, prints may be damaged by mould, which causes small dark spots (also referred to as foxing). If the humidity is too low the paper may become brittle. If the environment swings between the two extremes you may find that the print buckles. As with all works of art dust and pollution are also harmful. As a general guide to caring for your prints keep them in a clean and well-ventilated area.

When handling unframed prints, make sure you work with gloves or very clean hands. Finger smudges, dirt, or dents and tears caused by carelessness will affect the value of your print. If you must handle your print, lift it by diagonally opposite corners to avoid creasing.

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