London street artist Ben Eine have turned to create the new Louis Vuitton scarf

Louis Vuitton have turned to London street artist Eine to help create their next must-have scarf, and he’s set to turn his graffiti cans on Selfridges Oxford Street to celebrate the collaboration.
Ben Flynn aka EINE will be no stranger to those that follow the ins and outs of street art or regularly walk around Shoreditch in East London. In fact, his work might have crept up into your visual conscience without you even noticing. Eine has designed a scarf as part of Vuitton’s Foulards D’Artistes series with a neon-lit depiction of the words “Great Adventures” in his signature bold ‘Vandal’ font.
Colman was quick to point out how Eine’s work immediately distinguished itself from the rest of the graffiti scene by way of elaborate typography. His most famous piece of work is probably the then-dubbed Alphabet Street where he painted the sequence of the alphabet on the closed shutters of shops all along Middlesex Street, lending a visually cheerful vibe to street art that perhaps hadn’t existed before (not surprisingly people who buy Eine’s prints like to buy them for their children to encourage them to learn the alphabet). His work tends to spell out messages that point at pertinent issues. Take the “Worth More” piece on Old Street, which previously spelled out ‘Change’, which I barely noticed for two years when I worked at Dazed & Confused across the world. Both were painted in commemoration of Tom Easton, who was knifed to death in 2006 and commissioned by the Tom Easton Flavasum Trust to bring awareness to knife crime in London

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