Transporting Prints

Transporting Prints


Transporting Prints

Transporting prints is something that can be done safely if the proper care is taken. If a print can be transported flat, it is best to place it between two sheets of acid-free tissue paper, sandwiched between two sheets of stiff corrugated cardboard cut larger in size than the print to be packed. If prints need to be packed in a tube for mailing or airline flights, use a large diameter tube so that the print won’t be rolled too tightly. Sandwich the print between two sheets of thick card, which are bigger than the print, and roll them up together. Tape this roll closed to prevent it from springing open in the tube. Detailed packing instructions are available here:

How to pack prints flat

What follows is the packing procedure for shipping prints flat, if you need diagrams please contact us at  and we will send them to you.

1. Cut two pieces of clean corrugated board, (preferably double-ply board) to be at least 10 cm bigger than the print on all 4 sides.

2. Place the print in the centre of one board, face-up, and cover the printed face with a sheet of acid-free tissue the same size as the print.

3. Make protective corners for all 4 corners of the print from strips of thin paper. They must be folded to wrap around the corners of the print. (These are to stop the print from sliding to the edge of the package in transit).

4. Tape these corners to the bottom sheet of card with masking tape. Take care to be sure that the print cannot slide around, or be touched by the adhesive tape.

5. Cover the top with the other sheet of corrugated board, and tape this “sandwich” together using masking tape with a paper tab on the open edge, so that the masking tape doesn’t stick to the sides of the package. Indicate which is the top side of this sandwich.

6. Wrap the sandwich, first in plastic or bubble wrap, and then in brown paper. Address and mark “FRAGILE” before posting.

Packing prints in a tube

Postal Tubes

These guidelines will help you to ensure that your prints are well packed and arrive at their destination in perfect condition. We can e-mail you a diagram if this will make things clearer for you, please contact us with your e-mail details and we will get it to you.

1. Clean the inside of the tube with a dry cloth.

2. Cut 4 discs from corrugated cardboard, – one for each end of the tube, and 2 smaller discs that will fit inside the tube.

3. Cut two pieces of stiff paper or card at least 5 cm larger than the print(s) to be packaged on all 4 sides. “Sandwich” the print(s), each with its own interleaving tissue, between these two sheets of stiff paper or card.

4. Roll the prints with the printed side facing outward.

5. Tape this “inner” roll so that it is slightly smaller than the tube, and then wrap a sheet of bubble wrap around this roll.

6. Insert the rolled print(s) into the tube. They should fit snugly, – (i.e. not be rattling loosely, or jammed into the tube). Centre the inner roll in the tube. The tube should be at least 5 cm longer than the inner roll on both ends.

7. Place one smaller disc of card into the tube, fill the space available with crumpled bubble wrap, and tape a bigger disc to the end of the tube. (This creates a “shock absorber” that will protect the inner roll if the tube is dropped on its end).

8. Turn around and repeat to close the other end of the tube.

9. Wrap the entire tube with brown paper and packaging tape, mark “Fragile” and address.

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